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BB fertilizer mixing equipment



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BB fertilizer is usually called blended fertilizer, which is a kind of compound fertilizer with at least two nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in specified amounts made by the dry mixing method. In the process of BB fertilizer production, the mixing process is the key link to determining product quality and production efficiency. As the leading equipment in the mixing process, the performance of the mixer will directly affect the product quality and production efficiency. This article briefly introduces the 12 tons per hour BB fertilizer mixing equipment.



1. Component of mixing equipment


BB fertilizer mixing equipment is composed of a feeding mechanism, mixing device, frame, electric control system and other parts. As shown below:




2. Working principle of mixing equipment


A pair of the high blade, low blade and discharge blade are welded in the mixing cylinder, and the high blade and low blade are at an angle of 37°with the axis respectively, in the opposite direction. When working, the material enters from one end of the feeding cone of the mixing barrel, and when the barrel rotates in a clockwise direction, the high blade lifts part of the material to a certain height, and then the material falls freely by its weight and mixes with the material at the bottom of the mixing barrel.


This mixing is done by repeated lifting and dropping materials, high blade can also push the material to the direction of the discharge, while the low blade but the material at the discharge end to the direction of the feed, so that the material has a strong impact and a certain convection effect, so the mixing quality is better. When the mixing cylinder rotates counterclockwise, the blade pushes the material to the discharge cone end, and the finished material is discharged by the two discharge blades which cross into 180°.


3. Application of mixing equipment


The mixing equipment can produce 12 tons of BB fertilizer per hour, and the equipment has good performance after more than three years of actual production use. The equipment has the characteristics of fast mixing speed, uniform mixing, short feeding and discharging time, large output, high productivity and small space occupation, which is favored by BB fertilizer manufacturers.

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