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Grain Rain



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Grain Rain is the sixth solar term in the twenty-four solar termswhich is from an old Chinese saying - Rain aids the growth of countless grain. This means the rain is very important for the growth of grain at this time of year.


1. Legend of the Grain Rain 


The Chinese name of Grain Rain was originated from a folk story. When Cang Jie, an official in the Yellow Emperor period, created characters, countless grain came down from the sky like rainfall. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor named this day as “Gu Yu”.




2. Traditions of Grain Rain 


•  Picking Tea

The South has the custom of picking tea in the grain rain season. The newly-picked Spring Tea in the grain rain season is rich in nutrients and has the functions of heat-clearing and eyesight-clearing. On the day of Grain Rain, no matter what the weather is like on this day, people will go to pick some new tea to drink.


•  Eating cedrela sinensis

In the north of China, people eat Chinese toon as a custom on Guyu this day, so we also say Chinesetoon is as tender as silk before rain.



•  Admiring Peony

Going out to view the wonderful sight of peonies in bloom three days after Grain Rain has become a tradition in northern China. The flowering of the peonies coincides with Grain Rain so it is also known as the “Flower of the Grain Rain”. Its flowers are large and bright, with many layers of colored petals. The flower represents grace and dignity in Chinese culture. Chinese people also associate peonies with wealth and rank.

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