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Maintenance method of briquette machine in summer thunderstorm season



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With the arrival of summer, the temperature is also rising, summer thunderstorm season how to maintain the briquette machine, in such a thunderstorm season how to maintain can make the briquette machine’s life longer? Here to remind the use of briquette machine production of user friends, be sure to do a good job of briquette machine maintenance work, the following is to say into the summer briquette machine maintenance of the five matters needing attention.



1. Pay attention to waterproof  

Avoid water to enter the briquette machine. Although it is said that the briquette machine also has good waterproof measures, we can do better in the process of using it. For example, avoid working in rain and snow, even in such an environment, you should take indoor operation; if the briquette machine is used outdoors, you should move the briquette machine indoors after the briquette machine is used. In this way, the rainwater will not enter the ball press mounting bracket from the spiral interface and then enter the original bracket.


2. The addition of lubricating oil work

Then is the briquette machine lubricating oil add work, due to the high temperature in summer, so in the choice of lubricants must pay attention to, should choose viscous larger lubricants to avoid high-temperature weather to increase the wear and tear of the equipment, affecting the production of equipment.


3. Lightning protection

Lightning we have to avoid using the briquette machine in a thunderstorm because the metal will transmit electricity, the use of thunder days is very likely to hurt the machine, the improper human operation will also hurt people, so the consequences are more serious. Secondly, we have to do a good job of anti-electricity measures. For example, the use of insulating objects will be briquette machine exposed electricity part of the separation, to avoid the machine conductive, of course, this is only for the internal power supply.


We should pay more attention to electrostatic anti-electricity measures when using the briquette machine, when the briquette machine long-term use, due to differences in the ground, it is easy to cause an unbalanced power supply load, resulting in grounding potential difference, causing the continuous accumulation of static electricity, when the accumulation of static electricity to a certain extent, the machinery and human body has a great deal of harm.


4. Check the wiring

The temperature is higher in summer, so the briquette machine must pay more attention to checking the line when working to prevent the line from ageing to avoid greater impact on the briquette machine.


5. Pay attention to heat dissipation

Summer must do a good job of briquette machine cooling work, if necessary, add cooling devices to avoid high temperature and affect the production of equipment, briquette machine in the summer work should also do a good job of dust control work.

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