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Horizontal mixer purchase skills



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At present, many users choose vertical mixers in powder or feed processing, but experts point out that vertical mixers have many shortcomings, and their maintenance rate is also very high. It is recommended to choose horizontal mixers. The mixing efficiency is very high, the mixing quality is very good, and the discharge time is short. There are many types of horizontal mixers on the market, and the quality is good or bad. So, how should users buy a horizontal mixer with high cost performance? Let's find out together.



1. Users should choose the horizontal mixer according to their own needs, which can be selected from the daily production volume.


2. According to the working principle of the horizontal mixer, special attention should be paid to the selection. The pitch of the inner spiral belt should be smaller than that of the outer spiral belt, and its width should be larger than that of the outer spiral belt. Concentrate in one direction.


3. According to the design principle, the user should choose a horizontal mixer sold by a professional manufacturer with high processing accuracy, so that the gap between the spiral belt and the shell in the mixer is 1mm-2mm, or they designed The horizontal mixer makes the position between the main shaft and the shell into a form that can be adjusted, and these two forms of products are the best choice.

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