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Five factors affecting the demoulding effect of briquette machine



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Now the coal briquette press industry technology innovation and product types are also diversified development, the status of coal briquette press is also more and more important, but the briquette press moulding demoulding often appear when the demoulding unfavorable situation. So what are the factors that affect the demoulding effect of coal briquetting machine?



1. Moisture of raw materials

The moisture content of raw material is too low will affect the moulding effect, but if the moisture content of raw material is too large, it will cause the coal briquette press to block the material, and naturally, it will also affect the demoulding. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to control the moisture content of raw materials at 8%-13%.


2. The size of the mould

The size of the ball and socket of the briquette ball press not only affects the ball rate but also affects the demoulding. The ball and socket should not be too small, above 3 cm.


3. Uniformity of feed

If the material is not fed evenly, more or less, of course, it is not good for demoulding. It is recommended that users use an automatic feeding machine to realize the average feeding.


4. Rotation speed of coal briquetting machine

The speed of the coal briquette press is too high which will affect the strength of the coal and too low which is not easy to release the mould, it is more suitable to keep it between 10-20 rpm.


5. Forming stick quality

The forming roller is the core part of the coal briquette press, which determines the quality of the briquette press and is also related to all aspects of coal production, including demoulding.


The above is the reason that affects the demoulding effect of coal briquetting machine, more knowledge about coal briquetting machine is welcome to contact Luoyang Kaizheng Environmental Protection Processing Equipment Co.

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