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The causes and treatment methods of broken material in the forming process of pulverized coal briquette machine



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Pulverized coal briquetting machine is a kind of equipment for pressing powdery materials into balls. It is mainly used for cold pressing pellets and refractories of pulverized coal, slime, medium coal, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgical powder. All powdery materials that need to be put into the furnace need a ball press to complete.





The causes of broken material


If the operator does not know the properties of the material or the added moisture and binder ratio do not meet the requirements, the phenomenon of material fragmentation occurs during the forming process of the briquette machine.


The treatment methods of broken material


The most reasonable way is to install a screen at the discharge port of the briquette machine, and the unformed crushed materials can be recycled and reproduced directly through the screen.


This method is relatively simple and convenient for the production of a single briquette machine. If it is the operation of the ball press production line, because the belt conveyor is installed below the discharge port of the ball press production line, professional technicians are required to carry out special installation operations. Do not operate without authorization to avoid affecting production.



What problems should be paid attention to in the daily operation of pulverized coal briquette machines?


1. Clean the dust shot down by the pulverized coal ball press in meticulous and real-time, and remove dust carefully in the process of disassembly so that it cannot invade the mechanical moving parts.

2. Check the wear of the triangular lining plate, bearing, screw, feed nozzle and other parts inside the fuselage, clean them up, and replace bearing grease.

3. Check whether the bolts and safety bolts are loose and tighten them; Open the inspection cover of the accelerator and check the gear engagement and wear status.

4. If the oil pressure of the oil cylinder changes greatly, new oil shall be injected in real-time.

5. If the oil pressure system leaks oil during operation, it shall be shut down immediately and started after the oil leakage is repaired.

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