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Horizontal Mixer Model



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There are different types of horizontal mixers, and each model has its structure point, for some of the applications in the connected industries some places are similar, but also to a certain extent to be divided, there are some differences, the following introduces the commonly used several mixer models and structural properties.



1. Three-dimensional motion mixer


It is more direction of mixing barrel, into the material of the barrel under the impetus of the drive shaft, to the beginning of the week by the horizontal move, rotation, the rolling operation, let the material along the barrel to three to the compound movement, thus for more interactive class material flow, diffusion, accumulation, doping, eventually to evenly mixed.


The 3d motion mixer avoids the phenomenon of thin specific gravity and accumulation of materials caused by centrifugal force in ordinary mixers and has no dead Angle in mixing to ensure the quality.

2. V-type mixer

It is suitable for pharmaceutical powder, and granular material mixing, there are two kinds of mixer, one is the common mixing type, mainly used for the production of material enterprises, and the other is the high mixing type, relatively fine powder, or the main material content is very little material to do mixing.


The cylinder body of the v-type mixer is very smooth and has no dead Angle. It is made of stainless steel and has a beautiful appearance.

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