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Advantages of horizontal mixer



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The advantages of horizontal mixer are mainly shown in the following three aspects:

1. Wide range of applications, less destructive to materials

The structure of the horizontal mixer is matched with the double-ribbon design, which can mix powder and powder. It is suitable for the mixing and stirring of powder and liquid, paste, viscous and larger specific gravity materials; more flexible mixing technology, which can reduce the damage to the material.

2. High stability and long life

The main components of the horizontal mixer equipment use the international first-line product P to ensure the high quality of the product, for example:

K series spiral bevel gear reducer has the advantages of large output torque, low noise, long gear life and not easy to leak oil
The discharge valve is suitable for the arc valve that fits the barrel body so that there is no dead angle for mixing. This new valve body structure greatly prolongs the service life of the valve and ensures the closing effect.

3. High loading rate and strong sealing

Horizontal mixers can be adjusted for different materials, for example:

For ultra-fine powder, the composite sealing structure of seal + filler can be used, which is of great help to improve the life and effect of the seal;
For slurries with better fluidity, mechanical seals can be configured to meet mixing under various working conditions.

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