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Application of high viscosity self - cleaning mixing equipment in paint industry



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High viscosity self-cleaning mixing equipment is mainly used in the field of adhesive substances, cosmetic products, lubricants, pigments, resins, rubber and plastic auxiliary substances, emulsions, industrial dyes and other chemical products, in these areas it has played its strengths with its unique features so that the prospects are very good.


High viscosity mixer is a collection of dispersion, stirring and mixing as one of the multifunctional and efficient equipment, more and more enterprises, and researchers love.


So specifically how is the high viscosity mixer used in the paint industry?



Paint is a chemical mixture of coatings that firmly covers the surface of an object and is capable of protection, decoration, beautification and other special functions. According to some modern and viable classifications of chemical products, paints are part of the fine chemical product range. It is an important industry in the modern chemical industry and is gradually becoming a class of chemical materials with a wide range of engineering functions.


Paint can be dangerous to produce, so it is important to pay attention to safety when using high-viscosity mixers for grinding and dispersing. For these reasons, the hermeticity and explosion-proofness of high viscosity mixers are strictly required.


High-viscosity self-cleaning mixing equipment with step-less speed regulation, including mainly with explosion prevention function of the frequency conversion speed regulation, automation function of the frequency conversion speed regulation and electromagnetic speed regulation and other forms of performance. This function allows different speeds to be selected for different stages of the process and, above all, fully satisfies the different process requirements during the various processes.


There is a special feature of the high viscosity mixer kettle is the kettle has two groups of high-speed dispersion shaft dispersers, the dispersers will make a variety of materials subject to strong shear and dispersion, to achieve several times the ordinary mixer. This feature saves time and costs to a certain extent.

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