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Talking about the role of a mixer in glass production



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In the production of float glass, the mixing process is a very important link in the production of the mixture, and the mixer is also a very important key piece of equipment. The correct selection and use of the mixer is the basis for improving the quality of the mixture and ensuring the stable quality of the glass.



1. Factors affecting mixing quality

The quality of the mixture is closely related to the mixing process and the structure of the mixer. Factors affecting the mixing quality of raw materials include the physical properties of the raw materials (density, particle composition, surface properties, etc.), the order of addition, the amount of water added, the way of adding water, the mixing time, and whether to add broken glass.


2. Mixing mechanism

Mixing is the process of mixing all kinds of weighed raw materials evenly. The mechanism is the process of mixing two or more completely independent solid particles together by external mechanical force so that any part of the obtained product has various solid particles with the same score.


The degree of uniform mixing is to meet the specified index range according to the requirements of the glass production process. Generally, glass factories use three indicators of the mixture as the basis for judging the quality of the mixture, namely the mixture uniformity index, the moisture content index and the full analysis index.


3. The role of mixing uniformity in glass production

In order to produce float glass with uniform texture and meet the quality requirements and ensure the homogenization quality of the glass liquid during the glass melting process, in addition to adopting high temperature melting, bubbling technology, stirring technology and other measures during the glass melting process, it is also necessary to ensure the batching materials of mixing uniformity.


The practice has proved that if the quality of the mixture is low and the required mixing uniformity cannot be achieved, defects such as bubbles and various inclusions are likely to appear in the glass. Therefore, improving the quality of the mixture is a prerequisite for reducing the burden of the glass melting process, reducing fuel consumption, and ensuring the melting quality of the molten glass.


4. Conclusion

It can be seen from this that the quality of the mixture affects the quality of the glass. In order to have a good mixture, the choice of the mixer is very critical. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, the structure and automation of mixing equipment have been improved, so the quality of the mixture has been continuously improved, and the output and quality of glass products have also been continuously improved.

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