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Benevolence. righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith are the 'five constants' in Chinese traditional Confucianism. These 'five constants' run through the development of Chinese ethics and become the most core elements in Chinese value system. There was no paper in the ancient times, all experience skills were from precept. At that time, pure and simple are reliable, so the integrity means the good faith. No matter for  human or business, integrity is the foundation, and nothing would be builded up without it.


The ancients said, 'if you want to keep things in the dark room, you can keep things in the fire. If you want to keep things in the world, you can keep things in the heart. Career by good faith and progressive, talent by good faith, good faith is the foundation of the people, it is based on a noble heart, with a sense of responsibility, morality as the premise'.

Since the good faith has so many benefits, but the reality is cruel, we call the good faith is due to the lack of it. In fact, the reality does not speak of credit, lost the good faith of many examples, so what is the reason?

People have double characteristics of animal attribute and social attribute, and  animal attribute was the main one in the initial stage of human society. At that time, people were more thinking of how to survive. To some extents, integrity is the foundation of survival, as they lived in groups. With the development of human civilization, people on the social nature is absolute upper hand. The society is complex, which makes human complex, which is a kind of nature. The individual integrity is challenged under that situation. For instance, when the cost of integrity outweighs his profits, he might struggling with which one to choose. In this case, absolute integrity does not exist, especially when there is a conflict between integrity and profits. The integrity is more likely to be given up sometimes.

An enterprise, doing non-standard equipments, is more often faced and tested by the integrity.

Regarding to fraud companies, the basic method of all fraud companies is to fabricate lies and take advantage of human weaknesses and their blind spots of knowledge to make profits. They are abhorrent, even though such firms are usually in the minority.

However, in a bigger scale, it brings great negative effect on social relationship, as people might have a trust barrier with each other.

There was a type of company by exaggerating propaganda to cover products defects to get customers. However they cannot guarantee and be responsible for the quality as they told customer in the beginning. This kind of enterprises are greatly harmful as they take advantage of people's kindness. To a larger extent, they make the trust among people a big gap.

The fierce competition makes some companies lose their bottom line in catering customer's needs to get their recognition. But they failed to keep up with their promise in afterwards practice. There is a large number of such cases, we may say that they are passive faithless type. In order to make profits, they are willing to cooperate with customer, saying they can meet whatever the customers requirements are. And then they failed to provide the promised products, eventually let the customers down.  It is such enterprises that harm the image of the international trade.

From the perspective of the enterprise, we believe the integrity is:
1. Do what you said.

2. Meet the customer requirements. These two points are both significant. We strongly believe that on the basis of integrity, the development of the enterprise can go solid and sustainable.

We believe that integrity is very important in the business activities of a company and is the starting point for all our work.

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