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Analysis of the development trend of China's environmental protection industry


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From a macro perspective, there is still plenty of room for the development of China's environmental protection industry. According to the experience of developed countries abroad, the environmental protection industry generally maintains a rapid growth period of 10-20 years, and the growth rate of output value is generally maintained at 2 to 4 times the growth rate of GNP. Therefore, it is expected that the growth rate of the environmental protection industry in China will remain at More than 20%; at present, the output value and the quality of employees of the environmental protection industry in China are quite different from those in developed countries: the conservative estimate of the environmental output value of developed countries in GNP is greater than 2.5%, and the proportion of environmental protection industry in GDP is expected to reach 2 %. Driving factors for the rapid development of foreign environmental protection industries China currently has: policies, environmental protection needs of governments and enterprises, level of experience, and public environmental awareness.

From the perspective of the micro-enterprise structure, the increase in concentration has led to the birth of environmental giants with a market value of over 10 billion or even 100 billion. From the experience of developed countries, the early development of the environmental protection industry will spawn a large number of small enterprises in the industry, but as the industry matures, companies with technological, capital, and management advantages will gradually increase market concentration through mergers and acquisitions (for example, the United States The top ten companies in the various environmental protection industry segments account for about 50% -80% of the market share), thus the international environmental giants we have seen now, such as Veolia, US waste management , Public services, Umicore, Suez and other market values ​​are over 10 billion or even 100 billion.

The proportion of large enterprises in the environmental protection industry in developed countries is generally about 1%, while that in China is only 0.4%. This reflects the small and scattered development of our environmental protection industry, and the industry concentration is expected to further increase in the future. Enterprises will gradually change from a single equipment provider and engineering contractor to a comprehensive environmental service provider. BOT is the abbreviation of Build-operate-transfer, that is, the "construction-operate-transfer" investment method, which refers to the government's contractual transfer of a major project to a private investor. It owns, operates, and maintains the project facilities, and collects royalties and service fees to recover investment and obtain reasonable profits. The general internal rate of return is 8-12%, and leading companies reach 14% or higher. After the expiry of the concession, the project was transferred to the local government for free.


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