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Various Mixing Equipments


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1. Twin-shaft mixer or triple-shaft mixer

This two kinds of mixing machine have the same mixing principle which is  the form of continuous mixing and the weak convective mixing. The container is fixed, the rotor rotate through two or three blades with a certain angle to achieve material mixing. The material is being mixed and conveyed at the same time, rotor speed is generally between 0.8 to 1.2 m/s.


This kind of mixer is generally suitable for mixing powdery materials with little difference in volume or weight components. When it is used for mixing and adding binder materials, the mixing effect is not ideal. It cannot make the binder and material evenly moistured. However, it works when the mixer is used for humidification (adding water).


Due to the limitation of the structure, the yield of the mixer is generally not high. When the yield is greater than 50t/h, this kind of mixer is normally not selected. The yield of the triple-shaft mixer is slightly higher than that of the twin-shaft mixer, and there is no substantially different of the mixing effect.


When it is used for mixing pulverized coal and other materials, the mixing power consumption is about 1.5kw/t, and the power consumption index is high.


Luoyang Shangyi mechanical engineering technology co., Ltd., has made some improvements with the development of technology. The main improvements includes: partially changing the angle of the blade to realize 'into two back' to improve the mixing precision. The wear-resistant surfacing was electroded on the blade, to improve their life-span. The transmission has changed to double input or input directly to drive the rotor, etc.


2. Vertical mixing and kneading machine


Vertical kneading machine is also a type of continuous mixer with fixed container. Its main mixing principle is convection and shear. The structure of the equipment is to achieve mixing and pinching of materials by rotating three vertical axes with certain angle blades in the opposite direction. The outlet of the material is at the side of the container. The operation is  closing the discharge port, starting the equipment, and finally discharging when the container has a certain filling rate (generally around 60%).


At present, this kind of mixer is basically used in the briquette industry, and its power consumption index is relatively high, generally 5kw/t. So it is difficult for this equipment to achieve large output operation. When it is  used in coal briquette industry, the mixing effect can basically meet the needs.


3. Disc-type mixing and kneading machine

The disc-type kneading machine is a kind of batch operation with fixed container. Strong shear is its main mixing method and it blends with high precision. This kind of mixer was first used in foundry industry, for sand mixing, it can not only mix the material but also can change some characteristics of the material. It gets better infiltration between the binder and solid powder.


The main disadvantages of this typle of mixer are: large foot print, difficult to seal, large power consumption (general power consumption index is more than 2kw/t), difficult to achieve a large output operation.  The rotor wear speed is very fast when used for mixing iron fine powder. Nowadays, the mixer is mainly used in the foundry industry.


4. Double-spiral mixer

The double-spiral mixer,with fixed container, can be used for batch or continuous operations. It mixes materials by means of a pair of spirals that form a certain cone angle and do planetary motion (the spiral is always in orbit).


The double bolt mixer is generally used in Chinese herbal medicine and feed industry, but it is difficult to work reliably and it cannot achieve large output operation due to structural limitations. Especially when it is used in metallurgy industry and construction industry.


5. Instant weightless mixer

Instant weightlessness mixer belongs to the batch operation, the container is fixed, the mixing principle is the weak shear and weak convective mixing. The basic structure is through a pair of opposite rotating blades with a certain angle for material mixing. Container must have a certain filling rate, generally not less than 40%, the mixing principle of the equipment and the actual vertical kneading machine is essentially the same.


The equipment is generally used in the feed industry, while in the metallurgy industry, the blade wear is serious. When mixing materials with a certain binder, the mixing accuracy is relatively high, it is difficult to make the liquid binder and solid powder good infiltration.


The power consumption of the equipment is generally in 1.5kw/t, so it cannot achieve large output operation.


6. Cylinder mixer

Cylinder mixer is a continuous mixing machine, and its mixing principle is diffusion mixing. It is only used in sintering industry at present.


7. High speed mixer

The high speed mixer belongs to batch operation, the mixing principle belongs to the strong convection mixing, the container is fixed. The high speed mixer generally applies to the material with bulk density, good fluidity  and low grinding performance occasion. Rarely used in metallurgy, construction and other industries.


8. Coulter mixer

Coulter mixer can be regarded as the light structure of Germany Vogo company's powerful mixer, which is generally used in the chemical industry in China. It is featured as fixed container and it has strong convection mixed batch operation. Coulter mixer is basically applied in the chemical industry at present.


9. Germany Vogo powerful mixer

The Germany Vogo company was founded in 1938. It has a history of nearly 70 years. They initially introduced the plowshare mixer and have been improving and developing the mixer ever since. It is a continuous mixer based on strong convection mixing. Its power consumption index is less than 1KW/t, and the mixing effect is generally better. At present, the maximum output can reach 1500t/h, and the maximum application output in China is 400t/h, which is mainly used in the oxidation pellet industry. The technical core of the mixer lies in the structural uniqueness of its mixing tools.


The price of the mixer is relatively high, and the domestic production rate of its parts is low, especially the vulnerable parts supply cycle is long.


10. MCC Changtian strong mixer

MCC Changtian strong mixer's structre partially imitates Germany Vogo one's. But the big difference is that the design of leaf structure and leaf arrangement, the blade configuration can't achieve the dynamic balance and blade shape is similar to paddle. Therefore, the equipment has a  large power consumption, generally above 1.5 KW/t. The biggiest problem is that it has a serious the blade abrasion.


11. High intensity mixer

This type of high intensity mixer is a patent product of Kaizheng. It imates the structure of Germany Vogo, and the core technology includes: (1) Mix tool structure is unique, which is helpful for reducing power consumption and improving the blending accuracy. (2) Reasonable dynamic parameters. (3)Hybrid instruments on the rotor shaft with an array of specialized equipment and tooling aim  to ensure the relative angle, this is the key to get the dynamic and static balance.


The power consumption of the mixer is about 1KW/t, and the maximum output of a single mixer can reach 400t/h.


A liquid binder atomization device is installed when it is necessary to add a small amount of high viscosity liquid binder. This device is the accumulation of many years experience.


The mixer has a special heat mixing structure to mix at the hot state if necessary. It helps achieving the heating and heat preservation of the material.


Its mixing effect is generally good and it can achieve continuous large output operation. The high intensity mixer is a kind of domestic mixing equipment.

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