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Main application of High-pressure briquetting machine


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The high-pressure briquetting machine is an equipment that extrudes various types of powder materials into higher density pellets. Compared to the lower pressure briquetting machine, it has a high pressure level which is normally distinguished by the line pressure. We consider it as high-pressure briquetting machine, once the line pressure is above 50KN/cm. The common ones are 80KN/cm and 110KN/cm, even higher ones include 120KN/cm and 140KN/cm. The ultra-high pressure is 250KN/cm.


Many raw ores in nature are associated mines, which usually need to be processed before they can be used further. The basic idea of ores selection is to grind the original ore first,and then separate the impurities, aims to enrich the wanted material which comes as a powder.  In order to further processing this kind of powder material, like high temperature roasting, briquetting is necessary. By that I mean, the heating method is normally obtained through burning the flammable medium and this requires air permeability of the material. However, as we know, the powder has a bad air permeability, and it needs a dedusting after being heated, the powder material is more likely to be brought into the dedusting system. Therefore, the wide use of briquette during the industrial process is to obtain good air permeability and reduce the work load of the dust removal system, other than that, the pellets are easier to be transported. Lets use lignite as an example. A basic way to increase the calorific value of lignite is to remove its moisture and ash. By doing that, it needs to be dried after grinding, and the transportation of it will be another problem. In overall, the purposes of high-pressure briquetting machine include: increase air permeability, reduce work load of dust removal system and make it convenient for transportation.


There are many different ways of briquetting, like disc pelletizer and its final product comes in ball-shape, or like briquetting with press machine comes with cylindrical or cuboid product. It can be seen differently within the industry.


It needs to be based on the specific condition when choosing the briquette process. According to our practice, the high-pressure briquetting process can be adopted in following areas:


1. Direct reduction process of various mineral powders. 

Direct reduction after the silicon-manganese powder is pressed.

Reduction process of Laterite-Nickel ore and chromium oxide ore powder.

Reduction process of iron powder.

Briquetting in the process of metal magnesium silicon reduction.

Note: There are two types of direct reduction process, which are internal and external carbon distribution. Internal carbon means that the raw material is directly mixed

with coal or coke powder for ball pressing. While, the external carbon directly briquetting with raw material. The reducing agent is usually coke or semi-coke.


2. Direct briquetting with metal powder.

Manganese powder.

Sponge iron cold briquetting.

Manganese-aluminum alloy briquetting.

Main purposes include: (1) Minimize the likely of material getting into the dust removal system, higher utilization of raw material. (2). Convenient for transportation.


3.All kinds of solid waste cold pressing briquette in the metallurgical industry.

Materials like Blast furnace dust ash, converter wet dust ash (OG mud), electric furnace dust ash, oxide scale and so on. The material is reasonably matched with one or multiple types for cold pressing briquette, it can be used as converter slag agent or also can be matched into reducing agent for direct reduction.

Dust ash of coking plants in the iron and steel industry, dust ash of silicon-manganese alloy smelting furnaces need to be re-smelted after briquetting, it aims to reduce the wastage of the raw material.


4.Metallurgical charge.

The utilization of carburizing agent, fluorite powder, vanadium pentoxide, calcium oxide(quick lime),etc, can be improved after ball pressing.


5.Refractory industry.

The briquetting of magnesite, chromium oxide, lightly burned magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium hydroxide, etc.


6.Other industries.

Lignite forming.

Coal,coke,semi-coke forming.

Calcium carbide powder, forming of raw material semi-coke and quick lime mixture in calcium carbide industry.

Plaster forming.

Note: Not all materials are suitable for briquetting, like some of them need additives. We normally use an experimental method to judge the forming ability of the material.

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