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Wisdom is an important element in the traditional Chinese moral principles and it has a significant impact on  people's behaviour.  So what is real  ‘wisdom’? Different people have different perspectives, however, it must not be a clever trick used to make one's profits. I am going to talk about wisdom from my point of view.


A wise person should be tolerant. They will not account for the small gains and losses, will not only concentrate on their profits. Whether a person’s mind is broad determines the success or failure of what they doing.


A wise person should be a good thinker. Think carefully before taking actions is helpful in minimizing the potential risks. Applying your knowledge or practical experience to your work is much more effective in creating values.


Socrates once said that, from his perspective, the justice is wisdom and love is wisdom.


There was a story that I want to share with you. In the hell, there is a group of people and everyone is holding a very long spoon around a bucket of soup. They looks depressed and sad, as they cannot drink the soup. While the same situation happens in the heaven, people is happy as they are feeding each other with their spoon. Obviously, if you help or care someone,that will eventually come back to you as well.


It is said that, I cannot control how long I can live, but I can decide its horizons. I cannot control the weather, but I can adjust my mood. I cannot change my looking, but I can keep smiling. I cannot manipulate others, but I can change myself. I cannot forecast tomorrow, but I can how I live today. Isn't it wisdom?

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