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Integrated System- Vertical Briquetting Press machine


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  1. Application
The sponge iron briquetting machine can press the powder or granular sponge iron into a cylindrical block with a certain diameter, which is convenient for transportation and furnace throwing. The entire process does not require heating, additives, or other processes.

2. Description of selected equipment
This is a four-column briquetting machine, using an optimized hydraulic transmission scheme, with strong power, precise positioning and perfect action combination. The equipment's structure includes: frame, main hydraulic cylinder, indenter, bottom plate hydraulic cylinder, pushing hydraulic cylinder, supporting mold frame, upper and lower beams of the frame and four vertical columns. The relevant parts have undergone the corresponding heat treatment at the necessary sections. The upper and lower beams are all made of high-quality alloy steel, which are forged and welded, and are connected by four columns with internal and external nuts to withstand the tension during operation. The material enters machine from the feed inlet and is dicharged through the hydraulic system after being compressed. The more details are listed below.

2.1 Fast mold clamping and return
Large flow, high response cartridge valve and filling valve.
The return cylinder adopts the lower position, which makes it with small volume, large force, and fast speed. In that case, the return speed is increased by more than four times, and the peak is around 800mm/s. Eventually, it comes reduced auxiliary time and improved efficiency.


2.2 Quickly achieve full pressure
The pump station uses the combined power of the pump and accumulator to quickly press down. During the return  stroke, the pump and accumulator act simultaneously, which make the system flow achieve full pressure within one second.

2.3 Configuration
Global procurement of major parts and components, various interfaces reserved with good scalability.​​​​​​

2.3.1 Core component ------ oil pump
Uses variable displacement piston pump. Brand includes: Japan, China Huade(China's best manufacturer of hydraulic components), or even Danfoss.
It has the following advantages: variable, long life lasting, less noise, small pressure pulsation(only 4%), easy maintenance, less cost of operation, small size and leak-proof.

2.3.2 The control valve uses VICKRS products, and the proportional valve uses ATOS products.
① Optimized design of oil passage with low impact force and low power loss.
② Comes with flow compensation function, accurate control and good linearity.
③ Corresponding time is shortened by 20% to achieve precise and fast control.

2.3.3 The main part of the electrical control system uses the French Schneider brand, and the general low-voltage electrical appliances use CHINT products. It has the advantages of good versatility of spare parts, strong anti-overload capability, shell contacts and high reliability.

2.3.4 The pressure sensor adopts Swiss BAUMER or German HYDAC products.
① The pressure signal is an analog signal (0-10v or 4-20mA).
② Strong hydraulic shock resistance, strong overload capacity and long service life.
③ High pressure accuracy can achieve multiple grading pressure.

2.3.5 Siemens PLC bus control system
① 10.4 inch true color touch screen, good display effect and more durable.
② Two transformable modes of automatic control and manual control.
③ Easy operating.
④Realize the human-computer interaction.

2.3.6  Various interfaces are reserved for good scalability.
① Reserved electrical, gas and liquid interfaces, make it convenient for clients to meet different process requirements.
② The PLC I / o interface can be reserved to make it easy for users to set, store, print, count, and record the parameters of the pressing process.


2.4 Description of structure
2.4.1 Main frame:The main frame adopts a combined frame pretensioning structure, and four tensile prestressed rods lock the upper and lower beams with the column into a closed frame.
① Low distortion during operation and high production accuracy.
② Effectively improve the rigidity, stability and reliability of the whole machine.
③ The profit pulsation is reduced by 50%, and the lasting of main stress components is increased.

2.4.2 Tie rod nut adopts cone structure
① Reasonably distribute the force gradient of the thread.
② Reduce the stress concentration of the tie rod.

2.4.3 The movable beam is driven by hydraulic cylinder with electro-hydraulic proportional technology.
① Controllable running speed.
② Precise control of the stop position(up to 1/10mm level)

2.4.4 The main oil cylinder comes with double plunger structure.
① Making the upper beam and the product stressed evenly.
② Small deformation of upper beam with long life span.
③ Good molding effect.

2.4.5 The mold opening cylinder is set on the lower beam of the briquetting machine.
① Small exhaust, mold opening, upper beam deformation, with long service life.
② Good molding effect.

2.4.6 The movable beam uses the outer four-angle star shape guide structure.
① High guiding accuracy.
② Easy to adjust and repair.

2.4.7 Seals adopt domestic first-tires brand products, the oil pipes and related joints use HANSA-FLEX brand.

2.4.8 Flexible connection between main pump and main valve. Repeated pressurization of buffering work and oil pressure caused by pressure relief impact, improves system service life.

2.5 ​​​​​​​Main material
2.5.1 The plunger is made of high-quality carbon structural steel with wear-resistant surface treatment to improve the life span of the plunger cylinder. The cylinder barrel is forged with high-quality structural steel to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties.

2.5.2 The four tie rods are made of high-strength alloy structural steel and have good comprehensive mechanical properties. The thread uses rolling technology to improve its fatigue resistance and ensure structural stability.

2.5.3 The main stress members are welded with carbon structural steel, and the whole is annealed after welding to reduce the welding internal stress and improve the structural stability.

3. Overall technical advantages
3.1 The main frame adopts finite element optimization design to enhance rigidity, reduce deformation, and improve the working accuracy and working stability of the hydraulic press.

3.2 Cartridge valves are used in conjunction with proportional valves to control acceleration, deceleration, and operation with load. The buffering process reduces shocks and vibrations during fast forward to industrial operation.

3.3 Adopt closed oil tank, external circulation filter and imported water cooling system. The hydraulic system is an air cooling system, and the hydraulic oil has high cleanliness, which reduces the frequency of equipment maintenance.

3.4 Energy storage application, saves energy and improves efficiency.
① The pumping station uses a combined power of pump and accumulator. Themaximum flow state is converted by the energy storage device.
② Energy storage releases energy at maximum flow to save energy and improve efficiency.
③ Small footprint of the pump station.
⑤ Binary energy conversion brings up to 30% energy saving.

3.5 Operation safety
3.5.1 Mechanical safety lock. When the machine does not work or is overhauled, the movable beam is fixed at the upper limit position to prevent the movable beam from sliding down and causing danger.

3.5.2 The operation has reliable multiple safety protection devices. Multi emergency stop control, double start buttons(at the front and back), program interlock, etc.


Note: This machine can be configured according to the user's requirements —— Screw feeder and chain type automatic discharger which are not included in this quotation.

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