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Notes for ore fines briquette machine


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Ore fines briquette machine is suitable for industrial gas, boiler, cold pressure focus, ignition briquettes, civil briquettes, civil metallurgy, refractory materials, medicine and other materials. After many years of industrial practice and improvement, compared with other similar products, the ore fines briquette machine has the obvious advantages of high pelletizing rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance and commissioning.


Mineral powder briquette machine mainly presses all kinds of iron powder, ore powder, iron oxide, steel slag, refractory materials, etc,. All the powder that need to be burned materials are suitable for mineral powder briquette machine.


Three elements to be paid attention to during production:


The pressure required varies depending on the type of coal and the size of the briquette. According to the economic situation as far as possible to choose the machine with adjustable pressure


The core mechanical equipment of the ball press machine equipment is the molding machine, and the key component that affects the molding machine operation rate is the ball roller.  The rollers are divided into the integral forging and casting. The casting one has low density and rough structure, but it is economical. Casting from the high density, compact structure, good wear resistance, long life, ball groove processing technology, suitable for a variety of materials, and reliable operation, mostly used in the large pressure molding machine, but the cost is high. After the improvement of manufacturing process, the current equipment replacement and maintenance is more convenient which  reduces the difficulty of maintenance.


The briquettes are dried before they can be sold or further used. The high utilization rate is the vertical dryer and turn-over drying equipment.


The attention need to be taken for the above matters, and then the products can achieve the optimized result.

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