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Classification of Roller Briquetting Equipment


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Briquette making machine is a typical non-standard equipment, its core is a pair of opposite rotation rollers. But different manufacturers have a very different product structure.The main differences are as follows:


1. Difference of transmission structure

1.1 Twin-shaft briquetting machine is shown below:


Its transmission structure consists of: motor -- elastic coupling (or belt transmission) -- double shaft reducer -- gear coupling (with connecting shaft) -- two rollers.


1.2 Single-shaft briquetting machine is shown below:


Its transmission structure consists ofmotor——Belt drive (elastic coupling) -- Standard single shaft gear box -- synchronous gear box -- two pressure rollers.


NotesTwin-shaft briquetting machine is what they called in domestic industry in China, so the name is not used worldwide. In fact, the briquette making machine in many countries, such as Germany, France, South Korea, Japan,etc. is actually refers to the twin-shaft briquetting machine. In other words, the single-shaft briquetting machines are basically made in large quantities in China, France also has a similar structure, but very few and mainly used for coal forming.


As for the advantages and disadvantages of the two transmission structures, it is basically obvious that the manufacturing cost of double shaft is high, but on the one hand, The output characteristics of mechanical force are good. on the other hand, the movable roller can be allowed to be larger displacement, in fact, it can extend the service life of the roller.


2. Differences in feeding equipment

The feeding of briquette making equipment consists of: ① Feeding of prepress machine. ② Gravity feeding. ③  Distribution box feeding

As shown below:


Feeding of prepress machine                               Gravity feeding                                                                    Distribution box feeding


The distribution box feeding is commonly seen in the briquette making machine of France, and China mostly use the prepress feeding and gravity feeding method, the basic principle of its selection is actually related to the material, in general,the prepress feeding method can be used for the easy forming material with high water content.


The structure of the precompressor is also very diverse, there are single spiral, double spiral or four spiral. There are also differences between single-headed and double-headed helices.


3. Connection between feeding equipment and press roller

Different manufacturer has different structure, but the feed equipment and the pressure roller side of the sealing problem is crucial. Especially for the difficult pressing, especially with the very low water content powder material.


4. Assembly structure of rollers

The assembly structure of rollers is actually very diverse. There are two structures for the roller sleeve : the integral roller sleeve and the split roller sleeve. But in fact, there are many kinds for the whole roller sleeve, such as large interference thermal loading structure, spline structure, flat key structure, expansion and tightening sleeve structure. The structure of the sheeting roller sleeve is also different from different manufacturers. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, but for a particular material, the most reasonable structure exists in different areas.


In fact, as for the details of the ball press machine structure, different manufacturers vary greatly, here are the following suggestions for investors:

① Know your material characteristics and choose the right configuration, not the more expensive the better.

② Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different structures and the cost of the combination of their own actual situation, choose the most suitable for their own.

③ Generally speaking, for the more difficult to press materials, the normal choice is: the transmission system uses a double shaft structure, with the prepress feed. The pressure roller adopts the overall roller sleeve heat loading result or the split roller sleeve result.

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