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Win-Win Cooperation


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Case study: During the game of crossing a single-plank bridge, there are two players going on the bridge from both sides at the same time. They meets in the middle, embrace and turn around, both crossed safely and successfully. We can tell their intelligence shown in the game. Crossing the bridge was their goal, and the way they did was a success for both of them. The referee was controversial but it seems unnecessary. The case reveals to us that in human social life, only cooperation can help achieving win-win results.


In cooperation, we must understand each other's needs, bottom line of principles, advantages and disadvantages, know ourselves as well as the enemy, seek common interests and achieve consistency in actions, so as to bring reliable guarantee for win-win cooperation.


It is the positive energy of loving life, working hard and building a harmonious society. Win-win cooperation requires a forward-looking strategic vision, seeking common ground while shelving differences, a broad mind that embraces all rivers and lakes, and an attitude that is realistic. Looking ahead, cooperation and win-win results will remain the main path to prosperity and strength. No matter you want to make a great achievement or not, we should emphasize cooperation and seek win-win results.


Cooperation is not a synonym for success, but individual power is limited. Let us work together for win-win results and let the cooperation spread every corner of the world.

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