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The transmission mode of briquette machine


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In order to work better, choosing an reasonable production mode for briquette making equipment becomes significantly. The first thing need to be taken into consideration is the bearing, as bearing relate to the transmission of equipment. This article will introduce several transmission modes, and it generally has four which are:


1. Open transmission mode: the motor drives several open gears directly, which can be used in small test or low production. At present, it has been phased out in the domestic market.


2. Improved mode: To change the suspension gear into gear box, increase the transmission torque and  improve the production. the price is much lower than double output shaft form, and it has been gradually promoted within the market.


3. The motor drives the reducer, and the low-speed output shaft of the reducer is a single shaft, which drives the relative movement of large gear on the roller shaft through the coupling, namely the suspension gear form. This kind of transmission mode is widely used by most ball press manufacturers at present. Because its simple structure and lower price, it is widely used in the market.


4. The ball press machine drives the hard tooth surface reducer. The low speed output of the reducer is parallel to two axes and drives the roller to operate relatively to each other through the gear coupling. The feeding mode of the briquetting machine adopts spiral propulsion and exhaust device, which is suitable for dry powder forming, namely dry powder briquetting machine.  Under this transmission mode, the roller rotation is stable, the gear life is long and the transmission torque is large, the roller surface line pressure is up to more than 100KN, which is generally used in metallurgical, refractory enterprises dry powder forming ball production line. Due to the lack of internal development of this type of machine, so far the large output of the single machine is still very few.

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