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Model selection of briquette making equipment


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1. Basis of the model selection

Understand bulk density of materials

Understand the processing capacity, which can be the passing amount of materials or the final pellet-forming output. The pellet-forming yield is going to be smaller than the pass-through yield, so you have to take into account the pellet-forming rate.

Briquette size:For the same material and different briquette shape under the same roller area, there is a big difference in its capacity. In other words, the model selection varies according to the set of capacity.1.4The reasonable line pressure.

The line pressure is normally determined through various experiments, whereas, some material's line pressure is based on practice.


2. Procedures for briquette machine model selection

The initial selection of roller's diameter can be based on practice.

The briquette size, material bulk density and capacity are reference for calculating the width of the rollers.

Total pressure can be assured once the width of roller and line pressure are known.

The roller diameter needs to be tested, and changed if it is not right.


Case study:

Material: Sponge iron powder.  Bulk density:1.8-2.0t/m3, (4.0t/m3 after briquetting), required capacity: 20t/h, Briquette size: 37x46x24.

Calculation for model selection:

The initial diameter for roller is 750mm. In order to achieve the goal of capacity, the roller width needs to be about 260mm after calculation.

The line pressure is about 120KN/cm for cold press sponge iron.

The total pressure is 3120KN.

The bearings can be selected referring to the total pressure. Therefore, the outer diameter for bearings is 600mm, roller diameter is 750mm. It is based on the roller diameter is bigger than the center distance of two bearings.

Finally, the selection of model can be KGY750-300 high-pressure briquette making machine. ( 750 stands for roller diameter, 300 stands for designed total pressure.)

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