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The ways to improve the briquette machine capacity


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It is known that, besides the energy saving, efficiency, cost rate, etc. the capacity is another vital factor to determine whether the briquette machine is well performed. Therefore, here we are going to discuss a few methods to improve its capacity, under same situation of auxiliary equipment.





1. Optimize the pulverizing process of coal

The pulverization fineness and particle size composition of coking coal have great influence on coke quality. All kinds of coal should not be mixed before being crushed. According to different types of coal (hardness difference of lithofacies composition), crushing and sieving shall be carried out according to different granularity requirements (mechanical or wind power may be used). The higher hardness of gas coal and other coal need fine crushing. The coking coal and fertilizer coal which are easy to crush can have a larger particle size. Different kinds of coal were pulverized in groups and different granularity requirements were put forward. This is called the selective pulverizing process. This process can improve the coking property of coal and reduce coke crack, thus improving coke quality. It is necessary to optimize the plan of coal blending fineness of the enterprise through experiment to guide the optimized production of coking.


2. Increase the bulk density of powder

With the increase of the density of the reactor, the gap between the coal particles is reduced. In the coking process, the colloid is easy to fill the gap and the gas is not easy to precipitate out. The expansion and fluidity of the colloid are increased, which makes the contact between the coal particles closer and forms the coke with solid structure. In addition, the high bulk density makes the semi-coke shrink during the coking process, so there are fewer coke cracks and the strength of coal powder is improved. Coal pigeon fixation process, coal blending process and coal preheating process can increase the bulk density of coal powder. In this way, high volatile weak bond gas coal can be used more, but also with the right amount of non-milk coal and weak bond coal, so as to expand coking coal resources.

3. Preparation of additives

The coking property can be changed by adding proper amount of qian-coalescing agent and thinning agent in the furnace coal. The technology of qian-coalescing agent is suitable for weak han-coalescing coal with low fluidity, and has the effect of improving coke mechanical strength and reactivity. It is suitable for high volatile coal with high fluidity and can increase coke lumpiness, mechanical strength and improve pore structure. The two processes can also be used at the same time and complement each other.

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