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As we know, China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world,and China has a very long history. We have to discuss Chinese characters when talk about Chinese history. From Origin of Chinese Characters, which said many years ago, people can only speak without text communication, because the Cangjie inspired by birds and beasts, and then created Chinese characters. Now, I would like to introduce the three parts of Chinese characters: the Oracle Bone Inscriptions, the changes in the shape of Chinese characters and Chinese character components.


First of all, the Oracle Bone Inscriptions are the oldest Chinese characters,which came from life. To be more specific, in primitive society, people created characters through the shape of plants and animals, and people use stone tools to cut on some bones like turtle shells and the bones of wild animal. For instance, if you want to write tiger, in Oracle, the lower half part of the shape is like tigers claws,if you want to write sun, in Oracle, it is a point in the center of the ellipse, which like the sun, if you want to write water, in Oracle, the shape of this word have some smooth lines like water. All in all, almost all oracle bones are similar in shape to actual objects.



Secondly, the changes in the shape of Chinese characters are also important. Nowadays in China, Chinese has been simplified, as it had been changed throughout the time. Referring to the historical line, the types of Chinese characters can be mainly divided into eight phases: Oracle, Dazhuan, Xiaozhuan, Lishu, Kaishu, Caoshu, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. You might find that the writing changed from complex to simple, which means more convenient for people to write. However, some Chinese Calligraphers still write in traditional way, as they might think the present writing lacks of some certain beauties.


Whats more, Chinese character components are most important when you write Chinese characters. By that I mean, every Chinese should have particular character components. Such as ‘ 氵’, this character component refers to water, and if you want to write any words about water, like river, lake, stream and sea. Like 河,湖,溪,海 accordingly. Whereas, the character component of ‘木’ is about wood, words like forest and tree. 森 and树。 It can be found easily that, the character component normally located to the left of the Chinese characters, which is known as the writing rules.


Take our company's name '凯正' as an example. The seal script of ‘凯’ character "山 + 豆" is written in the shape of a drum, which originally means that the army will beat the drum to play the joy of victory after winning the battle. The official script has added a few words, like a drum shelf, which has evolved from pictographic characters to ideographic characters. The traditional Chinese character has always used this font, "山 + 豆 + 几". Later, it was simplified to "凯". ‘正’ is the common standard first-class characters (common characters) in Chinese. The initial text of this word was first found in the oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty and the inscriptions on bronze of the Shang Dynasty. Its ancient character shape is city-shaped on the top and foot on the bottom. Its original meaning is to levy lines and conquer fights. It is an ancient word of "levy". The purpose of conquest is to pacify and correct, thus extending pacification and justice, and extending the meanings of decision, examination and assignment from pacification. From correction to justice at the diplomatic end, it is further extended to the meaning of governance. The person who conducts governance is also called "positive", which is further extended to the meaning of norms and laws. The "positive" of the official is extended to the "positive" of the positive and the "positive" of the deputy.


In conclusion, from what we have discussed above, the language characters of a country normally developed within a long time line, it refers back to the culture and symbol of this country, which is interesting.

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