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Research on High Pressure Grinding Rollers



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Energy is an important material basis for human survival and development, and is also the focus of international politics, economy, military and diplomacy. Therefore, the requirements for energy conservation, consumption reduction and efficiency improvement in concentrator are getting higher and higher. In all the processes of the concentrator, the grinding process consumes a lot of energy, and the consumption of lining plates, steel balls and other materials is also relatively high. Its energy consumption accounts for about 50%-70% of the total energy consumption of the whole concentrator, while the energy consumption of the grinding process accounts for more than 60% of the whole grinding process. Therefore, the grinding system also directly determines the production cost of the concentrator and the consumption of various energy and materials.


Structure and Working Principle of High Pressure Roller Mill

The high-pressure roller mill consists of steel frame structure, fixed roller, moving roller, feeding device and other working components, as well as hydraulic system, bearing system, lubrication system, drive system and mechanical control system. The motor is connected to a fixed roller system installed on parallel tracks on a steel frame through couplings and reducers. When the equipment works, the moving roller that can move slightly on the track and has an independent hydraulic system becomes the moving roller, and the fixed roller that cannot move on the steel frame is called the fixed roller. Under the push of hydraulic pressure, the moving roller can move towards the fixed roller.



                                                                                                                  1.Transmission system 2. Adjustable feed device 3. Frame 4. Extrusion roller device 5. Lubrication system 6. Hydraulic system


At work, There is a certain gap between the fixed moving roller sets of the high pressure roller mill, The feed port and the crushing chamber are also communicated, During grinding, The material enters the silo through the feed port, Then the feeder enters the crushing cavity of the high-pressure roller mill and fills the whole channel between the feeder port and the crushing cavity, At this time, under the action of two fixed moving rollers which are opposite to each other and whose roller sleeve can rotate, In addition to the direct pressure brought by the contact surface with the roller surface, It is also subjected to the pressure generated by the gravity of the material layer, and the material particles filled with the crushing cavity are also subjected to mutual extrusion pressure in all directions at the same time, so that the material filled with the crushing cavity is compacted under the condition that the gap between the roller sleeves is gradually reduced, and the particles are crushed when the pressure is greater than the strength limit.


Advantages of High Pressure Roll Mill over Other Equipment

1. The material crushing probability is high and the grinding efficiency is high. Because the high-pressure roller mill is designed and worked by using the principle of lamination crushing, the material has many particles, and the dense particles show the characteristics of many contact points and strong force between particles. Therefore, when the particles are crushed, the energy conversion rate is also relatively high, and the crushing effect is far higher than that of the common extrusion crusher.


2. The adaptability of the equipment is strong. The high-pressure roller mill can not only pre-treat the crushed mineral products in the third stage, but also obtain mineral materials with particle size less than 3mm, of which the proportion of-0.074 mm can be more than 1/4. It is also possible to further crush the second crushed product, thus replacing the subsequent fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations. In addition, the high-pressure roller mill can easily solve the technical problem that conventional fine crushing operations are difficult to treat viscous ores with high moisture content and high mud content.


3. The equipment operation rate is relatively high. First of all, due to the large types of bearings, couplings and other major components, the compression resistance and wear resistance of the components are increased, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the machine for a long time. Secondly, the contact between parts and materials is less, and the wear parts that are easy to contact with particles are treated with wear resistance, thus greatly reducing the maintenance amount. Thirdly, the hardness of the roller surface is high, the service life is as high as 27 months or more, and the service life of the baffle at the shooting port is as high as 8 months. Finally, the degree of automation is high, which reduces the work intensity of on-site workers.


4. The process flow configuration is simple and the civil engineering investment is less. Under normal conditions, the crushing ratio of the high-pressure roller mill can be about 9, so compared with the conventional crushing equipment, the high-pressure roller mill has larger production capacity and simplifies the production process configuration. Since the grinding action mainly occurs under the mutual extrusion between the fixed roller and the floating roller, The extrusion force generated is mainly supported by steel frame, and the load on the foundation of the concentrator is small and the dynamic load is basically not considered. In addition, the equipment has compact structure, small external size and small occupied area, so compared with other grinding equipment, the investment cost of civil engineering foundation is greatly saved.


5. Good production environment. The material is completely closed from the feeding port to the crushing cavity, and the material is crushed under the action of static pressure. Generally, there will be no strong impact and material flying out, so the vibration amplitude and noise of the equipment are small, thus improving the working environment of the operators.

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