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Chinese Classical Instrument- Guzheng



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Guzheng, also known as Han Zheng, Qin Zheng, Yao Zheng and Luan Zheng, is one of the traditional musical instruments of the Chinese Han nationality and belongs to plucked string instruments. It is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China. Its timbre is beautiful, its range is wide, its playing skills are rich, and it has quite strong expressive force, so it is deeply loved by the broad masses of the people.


Now there are also small zither, portable zither, mini zither, half zither, new zither and 12-average zither. Guzheng is an ancient national musical instrument that accompanies China's long-standing culture and is native to this fertile yellow land. The structure consists of panel, wild goose column (also called piano code in some sections), string, front Yueshan, string nail, tuning box, piano foot, back Yueshan, side plate, sound outlet, bottom plate and string hole.


The shape of the Zheng is a rectangular wooden sound box. The string frame "Zheng column" (i.e. Wild goose column) can move freely. One string and one sound are arranged according to the five-tone order. At the earliest, 25 string Zheng is the most (divided into zither). In Tang and Song Dynasties, there were 13 strings, then increased to 16 strings, 18 strings, 21 strings, etc. At present, the most commonly used specification is 21 strings. Usually, S163-21 is used before the model of Guzheng. S represents S-shaped Yueshan, which was jointly invented by Wang Xun and Miao Jinlin. 163 represents the length of Guzheng, which is about 163 cm, and 21 represents the number of strings of Guzheng.


In Guzheng education, the presentation of works is mostly carried out by playing and appreciating. The rich and colorful teaching contents and flexible teaching forms have promoted students' ability to understand, understand and create the beauty of music. If ideological and moral education is properly integrated into aesthetic education at the same time, the more accumulated music aesthetic experience is, the more moral education will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


Guzheng music generally has the characteristics of symmetry of structure, fluency of melody, regularity of rhythm and emotion of content, which can directly stimulate students' sensory organs until the relaxation and excitement of brain and nervous system, making them produce creative thinking and rich imagination. Zheng music is elegant and implicit in rhyme, smooth and beautiful in melody, which can express many levels of things, improve people's aesthetic ability, purify their hearts and cultivate their sentiment.


Guzheng music has been widely used in ancient times and is deeply welcomed and loved by people from all walks of life. It is an art that enjoys both refined and popular tastes. Its entertainment is quite prominent. The zither players, from emperors and generals to the common people, especially the literati, integrated the zither art into poems and songs, which played a certain role in their creation.


In the folk, Zheng music appears in the performances of professional geisha and is performed in mass entertainment venues, restaurants and song halls. It has a wide audience and is more entertaining. In modern society, many large-scale theatrical performances often have different forms of Guzheng performance, which is deeply loved by the public. Many people learn Guzheng because they like its timbre and elegant feeling when playing. They apply the knowledge gained from learning Guzheng and the accomplishment acquired virtually to their life, making life rich and colorful.

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