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Mixing Equipment Used in Solid Agents Production(2)



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Mixing Equipment Used in Solid Agents Production(2)

Working Principle of Hopper Mixer

  As shown in the figure, the hopper mixer consists of a frame, a rotating body with hopper, a transmission mechanism, a braking mechanism, a lifting mechanism and an electrical and optical control system.


  When working, the square conical hopper is first pushed into the rotating body, and the sensing system can automatically lift the rotating body with the hopper to the working position and automatically clamp and lock it. When the pressure sensor detects that the locking is completed, the transmission mechanism drives the rotating body with the hopper to carry out the mixing work of turning up and down. During this period, the mixed work of rotation can operate according to the set time and rotation speed. When the operation reaches the set time, the rotating body driving the hopper will stop in the initial position to complete mixing, and the braking mechanism will perform the rotary braking of the rotating body. At this time, the lifting mechanism will automatically lower the mixing hopper in the rotating body into place and automatically stop the whole machine from working, and then the operator can push the mixing hopper to the corresponding station.


Features of hopper mixer


(1) The hopper mixer is controlled by PLC. The menu contains the operating procedures of common processes. Process parameters such as time and rotation speed can also be set according to process requirements to complete the mixing process. All complete data can be memorized and printed automatically, which can meet the traceability requirements of the process.

(2) As the hopper mixer is controlled by PLC, its process display, adjustment, monitoring, warning and other functions enable the machine to achieve intelligent control.

(3) Sensitive sensing technology of hopper mixer can effectively ensure hopper alignment, lifting and locking, parking and braking, hopper stop and rotation alignment and other operations. At the same time, the lifting mechanism adopts a double screw lifting mechanism, which relies on electric rotation, and the mechanical self-locking structure of the traditional screw effectively ensures locking. In addition, the main rotating shaft adopts flexible coupling shaft, which is reliable, convenient and concise, and can make the rotating body rotate more flexibly without sticking phenomenon.

(4) The sensing control system of the hopper mixer is equipped with infrared safety isolation device, and the control is also equipped with work instructions, safety instructions and emergency stop keys to ensure safe production.

(5) One hopper mixing function is equipped with mixing hoppers of various specifications and different volumes, which can meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and varieties.

(6) As the internal structure of the square conical hopper is simple, polishing and processing can be facilitated, and direct contact between the refined hopper and materials can achieve no blind area in the structure, no residue in discharging and convenient cleaning and disinfection.

(7) Hopper mixer is very convenient to use with material conveying equipment to form an advanced technological process. Also because the hopper can achieve closed mixing and transportation, it is a feasible mixing equipment and total mixing equipment for dust-free production.

(8) The shape of the square conical hopper can be conveniently stacked and piled up, and there is no need for a plurality of turnover barrels containing powder similar to those required by other mixing equipment, thus reducing the area of the storage barrel and the cleaning and disinfection barrel body, thus reducing the labor intensity.

(9) As the biggest structural feature of the hopper mixer is that the hopper forms an included angle of 30 with the axis of rotation. Besides turning up and down with the hopper rotation, it also makes tangential movement along the bucket wall direction at the same time. The superposition of these two movements makes the movement track of each particle complex and different, and changes its position at any time, so that the mixing uniformity can reach more than 99% at the highest.


Application of Hopper Mixer

  As the hopper mixer can hold several hoppers with different sizes of volumes, it can automatically complete all actions such as clamping, lifting, mixing, lowering, loosening, etc. Only one automatic hoisting hopper mixer and a plurality of hoppers with different specifications need to be configured. From granulation and drying to total mixing, to temporary storage, and then to hoisting and feeding to the tabletting machine, the materials are all in the same hopper in the whole technological process, and frequent material transfer and transfer are not required.

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