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5 Commonly Used Powder Mixing Equipments



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Powder mixer is a very important mixing equipment, used for the mixing process of powder materials, and has very important significance in industrial production. There are many types of powder mixing equipment, and the following five are commonly used: intensive mixer, plow mixer, ribbon mixer, gravity-free mixer, double-spiral conical mixer, etc.

1. Intensive mixer

• The intensive mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixer, which has the advantages of small size, large processing capacity, and reliable mixing operation.
• Intensive mixers are usually operated continuously but can also be operated intermittently.
• It can be applied to various working conditions of powder mixing and powder-liquid mixing, and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, ceramics, environmental protection, coal and other industries.



2. Plough mixer

• The mixer is also cylindrical. Inside the container is a horizontal shaft with a plough. There are a large number of high-speed flying knives on the side of the container, which can form a vertical angle with the mixing shaft.
• The plough in the horizontal cylinder rotates with the main shaft, causing the material to turbulently move along the cylinder wall in a radial direction. At the same time, the radial material flows through the flying knife group along the line and is thrown away by the high-speed rotating flying knife. It is constantly overlapping and compounding. The materials are mixed evenly in a short time, and the crystals of the materials are greatly damaged.
• Suitable for short fiber powder materials, such as titanium dioxide, fiber powder, etc.

3. Horizontal ribbon mixer

• Horizontal ribbon mixer consists of a U-shaped container, ribbon mixing blades and transmission components; the ribbon-shaped blades are generally made into double or triple layers. The outer spiral collects materials from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral Materials are transported from the center to both sides, forming convective mixing.
• During mixing, the material is in a state of overall motion, which is relatively stable and causes less damage to the crystals of the material.
• Suitable for mixing viscous materials, such as thickened powder, gray surface, paint, etc.

4. Horizontal gravity-free mixer

• The working container of the horizontal gravity-free mixer is a U-shaped cylinder. There are two horizontal shafts in the container with blades on the shafts. The mixing shafts will rotate in opposite directions when started.
• Short mixing time. During mixing, the material moves in a wide range and is in a state of high movement.
• Suitable for mixing mortar, salt, fertilizer, etc., but not suitable for mixing some light materials.

5. Double spiral conical mixer

• The two asymmetrical spirals in the barrel of the double-spiral cone mixer rotate to lift the material upward, and the rotating arm rotates at a slow speed; the material outside the spiral enters the stud to varying degrees, thereby achieving the continuous renewal and diffusion of the material in the circumferential direction.
• The requirements for hybrid power are not very high, and the degree of damage to material crystals is low.
• Widely used in chemicals, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials, rare earths, etc.

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